Trap – Neuter – Returncat hiding by trash

Since 2005, Tree House has been at the forefront of identifying and implementing effective strategies for solving the issue of outdoor cat overpopulation. We currently support more than 1,000 volunteer Colony Caretakers across Chicago who help ensure that their community cats are sterilized, vaccinated, and provided with food, water, and shelter to sustain their health. Caretakers and community volunteers trap cats, bring them to Tree House for TNR surgery and updated vaccinations, and return them to their home communities.

If you need assistance implementing TNR in your home area, contact Tree House at 773-262-4000. Our staff will be happy to counsel you and suggest some options for how to manage the outdoor cats in your neighborhood. This may include Tree House coming out to perform TNR services for you, if necessary, and teaching you how to continue in the future. 

Tree House rents humane traps for TNR for a $70 fee, refundable upon return. You can sign one out at the front desk for a two-week rental period. Call 773-262-4000 for more information. 

Tree House performs TNR surgeries for registered colony caretakers only, by appointment. Services cost $30 and include spay/neuter and vaccines. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

Click below to download the following PDFs:

cook county feral cats ordinance

OFFICIAL Colony Caretaker Application PDF

TNR Project & Colony Management Info Sheet

Feral Cats Fact Sheet