Hundreds of thousands of cats live on the streets of Chicago. Some are stray or abandoned. Many are feral. All need care in order to be healthy and thrive. Tree House provides multiple programs to make sure that these cats have what they need.

Tree House helps outdoor cats And our Community through the following services:

Community Cats Programs

This includes TNR services, Cats at Work, and Spay and Neuter services for our registered colony caretakers. 

Pet Food Pantry

Free pet food services for qualified, low-income community members.

Veterinary Wellness Center

Our soon to open Veterinary Wellness Center will serve the cats AND dogs of our community with spay/neuter and basic wellness offerings. Coming soon, in 2021!

Humane Education

We offer presentations to our community members, including schools and private groups, on a variety of cat-related topics. Please contact our Community Engagement Coordinator Shannon Gonzalez at 773-262-4000 ext. 123 for further information.


Did you find a cat? Do you need an emergency vet? Are you curious about our progressive shelter practices? We offer some basic resources and information for all of the above.

Still have questions? Contact us at 773-262-4000 or