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What if you found a newborn kitten alone? What happens to a newborn kitten without a mother?  And what would you do with an orphaned kitten? These are all questions that we get asked frequently, but our Spay and Neuter program provides answers! 

"We Couldn't Leave Her to Die."

Maria and her family began feeding a pregnant, neighborhood cat who seemed homeless. They were confused and worried when, after giving birth to three kittens, "Mom Cat" abandoned her smallest baby.

Kittens are completely vulnerable and dependent on their mothers. Their mother provides body warmth, nutrition, hydration, and immunities. She grooms them to help them eliminate body waste, protects them from danger, and educates her young about finding food. 

The Good and Bad News About Outdoor Cats

Chicago is home to thousands of cats living in groups outdoors. They thrive in residential, industrial, and wooded areas - anywhere the necessities of life can be found. These cats largely prefer to live apart from humans in their own defined territories, like their larger relatives. Their natural instincts help keep rodents at bay. Sadly, without access to spay/neuter surgery, otherwise healthy outdoor cats are vulnerable to over-population, malnutrition, and territorial violence. 

 How Tree House Helped

Maria told us, "I took the newborn inside, not knowing what to do...and then called Tree House. That's when we found out about all the ways Tree House helps volunteers support outdoor cats." Tree House provided humane traps so that Maria could bring Mom Cat and other outdoor cats to be spayed/neutered. Maria came to Tree House for training to become a registered "Colony Caregiver." Her colony cats are protected by law, and Maria's family is dedicated to caring for their outdoor friends. They monitor their colony cats and provide food, warm outdoor shelter, and transportation to the vet, when it's needed. 

In ten years, a pair of unsterilized cats can lead to approximately 57,500 vulnerable kittens!

We Can All Prevent Animal Suffering! 

If you donate to the Tree House Spay/Neuter program, you can help avoid over-population, and cats in colonies like Maria's will continue to thrive! 






Kitten Bottle Feeding

A kitten getting her life-saving bottle. They need to eat every two hours at this age. 

Holding the baby kitten

A baby kitten fits in the palm of a hand. Fragile and with eyes closed, they need all the help they can get from us.