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"I could touch my index finger and thumb together around his waist." Tree House Director of Veterinary Medicine, Emily Swiniarski, DVM, remarked.

Howie's thick fur disguised the true severity of his condition. "He was truly skin and bones," Dr. Swiniarski commented. Under his fur, his waist was only 2-1/4" in diameter. She explained, "Howie was slowly starving to death. With his condition, I would estimate he was only a week or two away from death."

Howie is Alive Today Thanks to People Like You

 What if you were lost or abandoned, could not find your way back home, and were starving, not having eaten for days or possibly weeks. You were so emaciated that you had begun to lose your muscle. Imagine the pain of that kind of hunger. And each day you wander alleys, dumpsters, and backyards in search of food and water. Imagine Howie, living that life. When he arrived at Tree House, his condition was dire.


Howie Weighed Half His Normal Weight

Howie weighed a mere 4 lbs. A medium-sized cat, Howie's normal weight would have been double that or 8 lbs. In addition to being malnourished, Howie’s fur was so horribly matted that it was difficult for him to walk. A Good Samaritan found him outside and brought him to Tree House. While he did not have a microchip, Dr. Swiniarski, observed, “Because of his condition and the fact that he didn’t have any health issues that were causing his weight loss, I believe [Howie] was a housecat at some point who was either lost or abandoned outside and not able to fend for himself.”

Saving Cats in Life-threatening Condition

Howie was one of the first cats to receive care at the resident clinic located inside our new shelter. Thanks to our new equipment, we were able to perform the necessary blood tests and provide the care Howie needed in-house. Thankfully, our tests revealed that Howie had no organ damage, a serious risk given his diminished state. It is hard to know what might have happened to this beautiful guy, but no cat deserves to suffer this way.

A Regal Cat Emerges

Howie’s situation was tentative. We placed him with one of our incredible foster parents, Sandra, who nursed Howie back to both physical and emotional health. She gave him much needed love, and Howie would sit patiently during the tedious process of having the tangles gently combed out of his long coat. It took more than two months, but eventually, this beautiful cat rebounded.

You are the Difference for Cats with Serious Illness and Injury

Howie is just one of the many cats we save each year who suffers from life-threatening illness or injury. Your gifts is the difference for them. We need your help to continue our work to save cats in need.



Two Long Months of Recovery



The Trauma Behind Him, Howie Became a Loving Cuddler


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